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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our service and provided the answers here. If you need additional information go to our contact page or send an email to


What are your rates?  

     We charge by the mile, (for all miles traveled, round-trip), plus tolls, waiting time, and ferry boat - if any.  We do not charge a "hook-up fee", or a "Booking fee", but we do have a minimum charge of $75 if your run is very short.  We do not require a deposit for runs with total charges under $400.00, for we believe a person is only as good as their word.  For runs with total charges expected to be  over $400.00, a deposit equalling 50% of the quote is requested, to cover some of the expenses incurred during the run.  Full, (or remaining balance), payment of the agreed upon charges  is expected upon arrival at point of delivery, before unloading.    The rate-per-mile changes with the changing gas prices.

     Detention, or waiting time (for a show or lesson) is determined on an individual basis, taking many factors into consideration.

     We give a 20% discount to 4H members for 4H activities, with detention time drastically reduced.

     Important note;  We do not qive estimates, we give QUOTES.  If you book a run are told the total charges will be $150, then $150 is all you will pay - regardless of what gas prices do. 


How would you figure the cost to move my horse? 

   Unfortunately, our truck burns almost as much gas pulling an empty trailer, as it does a loaded trailer, so we must charge for every mile we travel.  So, let's say you want your horse moved from Webster Ma., to Sturbridge Ma.  Using "Google Maps", we find the mileage from our base in Southbridge Ma., to Webster Ma., ("A")  Then from Webster to Sturbridge, ("B"), and then from Sturbridge back to Southbridge, ("C"). We then ad those three mileages together, giving us the total mileage for the run.  We multiply the mileage by the rate-per-mile, giving us the total mileage charge, and then ad tolls, and/or waiting time, if any.



How much extra do you charge for a second horse?

Nothing.  Same price for one or two horses.  A good way to save money is to share the trailer with a friend and split the cost.


How far ahead do I have to "book" a run?

That is primarily dictated by availability of our trailer, and the length of the run. There have been times when an "emergency" came up and we were rolling within 5 minutes of receiving a call. Sometimes we are booked solid for a week or more.  We suggest you inquire about a run as soon as you know about it. If we can agree on the price, "Book it" then to lock in that date.  There is no cancellation fee for canceling at least one week in advance.


What about my tack and equipment?

When you book a run, you are, in essence, hiring the truck, the trailer, and someone to drive it. So if you want to load some stuff in the back of the truck or in the trailer - if there is room, if it is not too awkward, and if it is safe and legal, do so at no extra charge.  Just keep in mind that our truck-beds are open to the weather, and we are Not responsible for loss or damage. 


Do I ride with you, or take my own vehicle?

That is totally up to you, but keep in mind that we cannot bring you back to the loading site to pick up your vehicle, unless it is on our way back. Our truck can seat up to six people, including the driver, so you can even bring a friend, trainer, or family member. Our truck and trailer are "smoke free" and any type or quantity of alcohol is prohibited.


Who loads and unloads my horse?

You, in some cases the seller, or a designee of your choosing. Nobody knows your horse better than you or the person selling it to you.  Horses load safer and easier if they are led onto the trailer by someone they know and trust.


Must I, or my designee, accompany my horse enroute?

Rather than have a second person from our company ride along, which you may end up paying for, we prefer you, the seller, or some other knowledgable horse person of your choosing,  accompany your horse enroute, just in case a situation comes up that the driver cannot handle alone. Horses can freak out, for any reason, at the drop of a hat, so it is always helpful to have another knowledgable pair of hands available. He or she is more than welcome to ride in our truck, or follow in their own vehicle.


What size animals do you move?

Our trailer was made for draft horses and we had hauled a 20 hand Belgian with the center partition in place. There is also a seperate section in front of the breast-bars that is 7ft X 5ft 6in for our smaller passengers.


Do you do emergency medical runs?

Yes. As a matter of fact, we are on Tuft's hauling list.  We do emergency runs at any hour of the day or night, unless we are already on a run.  Please note; We are not, nor do we claim to be an animal ambulance service in any way, shape, or form. We have no medical training and our trailer has no medical equipment of any kind. We charge our normal, (current), rate for an emergency medical run.  We do not charge extra for last minute calls, or middle-of-the-night emergency calls, and we can usually be on our way in about 5 minutes.

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